Our History 


MSEC has a rich history mirroring the changing face of employment law and human resource
management over the past 70 years. 



National Labor Relations Act passes in 1935; Fair Labor Standards Act passes in 1938

Employers respond by creating what was originally called the Colorado Employers Council, founded in 1939 by 100 members seeking to share labor relations and wage data. 


Union Membership grows steadily throughout the 1940’s, 1950’s, and 1960’s

Renamed Mountain States Employers Council, Inc. in 1945, MSEC had grown to over 250 members and had begun providing legal services beyond labor relations.  MSEC began conducting surveys and offering training in 1952 with its Foreman Training Program.  In 1958, MSEC had a staff of 20 employees and held its first Industrial Relations Conference for members.  In 1962, 1,800 participants had taken MSEC training programs and MSEC services were made available to employers who did not have unions.  By 1989, the number of participants in MSEC training annually had grown to 15,000. 


Employment law expands and the human resources profession responds in the 1980’s and 1990’s

In 1998, MSEC began offering training for human resource professionals wanting their Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) or their Professional Human Resources (PHR) Certification, and grew to 2,020 members by 1999.  MSEC had over 100 staff serving members in all areas of employment law, human resources, surveys, and training.  MSEC training programs were attended by 30,000 participants annually.


Mountain States Employers Council expands in the 21st century

MSEC began its regional expansion in 2000 by opening its Southern Colorado Regional Office in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  MSEC opened its Northern Colorado Regional Office in Fort Collins, Colorado, in 2006.  And, in 2009, MSEC opened an office in Scottsdale, Arizona, providing services to former members of the Arizona Employers Council.


Over time, MSEC has grown into the nation’s largest employers association.  We partner with our members to develop effective, successful employer-employee relationships.  We provide "one-stop shopping" and hands-on assistance in employment law, human resources, surveys, and training.  We are a clearinghouse of information and services where members receive consultation, direct assistance, and representation in the complex issues facing their businesses.  Our membership of 3,000 and rising includes a wide cross-section of industries and both large and small employers, public and private.

Going forward, we will continue to grow to meet our members’ needs.

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