MSEC Services


When you become a member of Mountain States Employers Council, you gain access to the resources of the nations top employer's association. Our unique structure is designed to include a full menu of services within the membership fee. We look forward to supporting your success with services geared to Employment Law Support, Human Resources, Surveys, and Training and Development.


In addition to the benefits included under your membership dues, you can also access a
number of consulting and project-specific services. These services are priced
substantially below the market rate, and are customized to the employers' needs.

Employment Law


Affirmative Action Planning


Immigration Services




Risk Management


Union Negotiation and Arbitration


Wage and Hour Audits


Workers' Compensation Dividend Program


Workplace Investigations




Human Resources

Career Transition



Testing and Assessments





360 Assessment Surveys


360 Review Surveys


Custom Opinion Surveys


Denison Cultural Surveys



Training & DevelopmentTraining and Development


360 Leadership Assessment




Leadership Academies




Organizational Development


Team Contour


Technology Training


 Training Needs Assessment

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